Living and Business in Gilroy

Discover Gilroy, A Premier Business Location.

Located at the southern gateway to Silicon Valley, Gilroy is a family-friendly community and a major retail destination that is fast becoming an economic hub. Gilroy is the ideal place to build your business, with convenient freeway and rail access to the Bay Area, Salinas Valley and Central California. Other benefits include affordable housing, a diverse population, development-ready land, skilled workers, and business incentives for qualifying companies.


Gilroy is a dynamic growing community of 51,544, expected to reach a population of about 65,000 by 2020.


Homes and condos range in price from the mid $200,000 to well over $1,000,000. The median sales price was $415,000 for a single family home in 2013. Recently, the City Council established a 15% target for affordable housing in areas that are designated as "neighborhood districts."


Gilroy's mild Mediterranean climate strikes a pleasant balance between warm and cool, making it perfect for both agriculture and recreational businesses. Gilroy residents enjoy mild temperatures without most of the coastal fog. The average rainfall is only 19.11 inches and the annual average temperature is 62.8 degrees.


Today, Gilroy is known for its "urban forest," for which the City has won Tree City USA awards annually since 1979. Gilroy has 12 parks, from 1/8 to 125 acres in size, and has won more park design awards from the California Park and Recreation Society than any other city in California.


Gilroy has 8 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools, 4 High Schools, and Gavilan Community College. Gilroy Unified School District is located in the southernmost region of Santa Clara County. It is one of a few districts in the county that continues to grow. The Gilroy Business and Education Partnership (GBEP) was formed in 2009 to create a rich pool of resources to assist businesses, educators, employees, and students with a clearinghouse of information.The GBEP group is a collaboration of business professionals, educators, business associations, and training agencies. Their focus is to develop connections so that skill sets, training, and educational opportunities keep the south county region primed for emerging job markets. A resource guide has been compiled listing education services offered by partner agencies. For more information, you can click on the Business & Education Resource Guide on the left.

Recreation and Culture

The area abounds with outdoor activities, including award-winning parks, golf courses, hiking trails, camping, nearby water sports, fishing and horseback riding. The city's organized youth and adult recreational baseball, football, softball, basketball, swimming and soccer programs are among the best in California. Residents also enjoy a broad selection of cultural activities in music, the visual arts, and theater.

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